Online Tor anonymizer network among NSA’s targets

Top-secret national security documents disclosed to the Guardian by Edward Snowden show United States and British intelligence have long attempted to crack the Tor anonymizer network used by human rights workers, journalists, cybercriminals and others.

  On Friday, the Guardian published leaked documents attributed to  the former intelligence contractor revealing how the US National  Security Agency and Britain’s Government Communications  Headquarters, or GCHQ, have worked extensively towards  compromising the computers of people who browse the Internet with  Tor, a program that routes traffic through multiple nodes in an  effort to help mask the identities of its users.

  According to the Guardian’s James Ball, Bruce Schneier and Glenn  Greenwald, the NSA’s “current successes against Tor rely on  identifying users and then attacking vulnerable software on their  computer.”

  “While it seems that the NSA has not  compromised the core security of the Tor software or network, the  documents detail proof-of-concept attacks, including several  relying on the large-scale online surveillance systems  maintained by the NSA and GCHQ through internet cable  taps,” the writers add.


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