RT: Brazil sees Internet superhighway free from U.S. Surveillance

Following shocking revelations that the National Security Agency had gained access to the emails and telephone calls of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff, as well as her top advisors, Rousseff cancelled next month’s meeting in Washington, where she was to be feted with a state dinner.

Now the feisty Brazilian leader, who is reportedly ”furious” over allegations of widespread NSA spying on South America’s largest economy, has a bold dream to end Brazil’s relationship with the US-centric internet. 

Rousseff seems justified in taking action: More than 80 percent of Brazil’s online searches, for example, go to US-based companies, while most of its internet traffic passes through the all-seeing, all-powerful gatekeeper of the NSA, which has proven to be a less-than-trusting partner. But is it possible for a country to




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