Exploits, security threats and hacks will mutate

Bailey’s five top IT threats to watch out for 2013 include:

Adobe Acrobat and Reader security flaws – although Adobe’s extensible code has been around since 1982, but we continue – to this day – to see a steady stream of attacking code.

SQL injection threats – SQL first became an industry standard back in 1986, since when it has been central to database software and poses a juicy target for all manner of cybercriminals.

Compromised and malicious Web sites – have been around since the mid-1990s. The evolution of HTML5 and other Web advances has shifted the threats/solutions balance up significantly in recent years.

Exploit kits – the BlackHole exploit kit is relatively young, only dating from last year, but it has evolved rapidly to become the number one Web threat.

Zero-day Web browser threats – the evolution of the three main Web browser clients (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and MS-Internet Explorer) has been rapid over the last 12 months, with silent updates and plug-ins/apps changing the dynamics of browser defence requirements. With large numbers of legacy browser client users, this poses a potentially significant security problem.


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