InformationWeek: 5 Most-Ignored IT Security Best Practices

 More than half of IT departments are failing at basic security measures, with 82% falling short on key practices, a new survey shows. Are you on top of these five issues?

1. Rotate SSH Keys Annually: 82% of IT departments fail to rotate SSH keys every 12 months

2. Train Users In Best Practices

3. Encrypt Cloud Data: 64% of IT organizations don’t encrypt all of their cloud data and cloud transactions.

4. Use Appropriately Strong Encryption Keys: According to a February 2011 report from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, 1024-bit encryption keys have depreciated in effectiveness, and 2048-bit encryption should be used for all symmetric keys. Only 44% of IT departments use recommended key strengths.

5. Have A Plan For Replacing Breached Certificate Authorities: a majority of IT departments–55%–have no management processes in place to ensure business continuity by quickly replacing a compromised certificate and its accompanying encryption keys.

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